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NSAC (National Student Advertising Competition) Creative Team:
Madelyn Haden , Erin Dorney, Lauren Norch, Riddhi Ankolekar, Anette Baca, Sophie Schneider, Victor Silva, + Bobbi Wood 

My role: Tagline and job research (specifically to find interesting job listings on Indeed).

Insight: Gen Z refuses to let their job become their identity and oftentimes choose paths that allow them to pursue interests outside of work. 

"What do you do?" The universally dreaded question. You may have studied engineering to appease your parents, but in your free time, you’re an aspiring filmmaker, an actor, a rock climber, or perhaps even a poet. The truth is, you do a lot of things. Whatever your path may be to doing what you love, Indeed will help you get the job, done. 
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